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From: Jazabaloo Ltd    (New Zealand Customer)
Sent: Monday, 8 November 2010 12:41 PM
Subject: Jazabaloo
HI Dear John, On Friday I hired a van and collected my cups and plates from depot! Yay! It was so good to finally get them and they look great!

Thanks again have helped produce a gorgeous product and Im very happy with it.

Debbie Talbot-King
Jazabaloo Ltd
Themed parties kids love!

021 723 455
New Zealand


Jazabaloo Ltd    (New Zealand Customer)
Sent: Thursday, 30 September 2010 6:53 AM
Subject: Jazabaloo cups and plates have arrived!!!

Dear John & Christopher...They have arrived!!!! And they look FANTASTIC!! You guys are great and I am so so happy with what you have produced for me. Thank you!!! The quality of the print and colour is outstanding and one thing I was concerned about was the colour variation between products (bearing in mind I have used 3 different printers) but they all match which is just great. I am sure I will get lots of people asking me where the plates and cups were printed so expect more work coming your way! Phew!! Just so happy with them.

I know at times its been a bit of a worry this job for you and for me. But considering its been the first run of plates you have done, well I think it worked it a success in the end.

Thanks for your patience and perseverance.

I will also call you today to say thank you again.,

Kind regards

Debbie Talbot-King
Jazabaloo Ltd
Themed parties kids love!

021 723 455
New Zealand

campaign_celebration-2010From: Anna McCusker & Co.  (Canadian Customer)
Fri, May 28, 2010 at 6:01 PM

Good day John,
I will share that it felt like "Christmas Morning" yesterday, here in our office.  The cups are the most beautiful paper cups I have ever held in my hands!!!
From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU to you and Helen for making our unveiling with the famous Canadian "roll up the rim" game.  I am not certain if I shared earlier with you, the Roll Up The Rim, is a Tim Horton's Coffee game that has been made famous here in Canada over the past 20 years or so.  Mr. Ron Joyce, a former owner of Tim Horton's was the person who came up with the concept for his company.  Ron is also the Campaign Chair Person for McMaster Universities Capital Campaign.  Hence our unveiling the final total with his invention in honour of his dedication to McMaster University and many incredible gifts that he has bestowed upon the University over the years.
This is a complete surprise to Ron, we have been very tight on how we are sharing the total raised over the past five years.  June 1st is when we are Celebrating.  The cups will be the main focus, on Ku they will be brought out on silver trays and presented to each of the attendees, filled (perhaps half filled) with Champagne.  There is a whole speech and special wording being worked on to "play the game - roll up the rim" with all in attendance.
I have shared with the key individuals, your most generous and willing attitude to make this a possibility for us.  The final product and the delivery (days before the event) are beyond our belief.  All thanks to you and your 'can do' attitude.  Helen, your initial response to my frantic email, is a true testament that there are people who really care and who love what they do. 
We will take photographs and will share the success and the "buzz" around the "cup", shortly after our event.
With deep appreciation and heartfelt thanks,
Anna and David

Anna Mccusker & Co.
218 King St. West
Hamilton, ON L8P 1A9


From: Bimbadeen Heights Primary School  (Australian Customer)
Sunday, 2 August 2009 1:59 PM

Hi John,
You are amazing! Even after such a fire tragedy, you are prepared to help our school. Thank you. I can most certainly understand your mammoth task cleaning up as our school library was burnt to the ground a few years ago and we lost EVERYTHING in it! So I know how much it takes to recover after such an event.
We are so very grateful for your help. We estimate that we have reached in excess of 400,000 people with our advertising campaign and it is very hard to estimate how many cups we will be needing, but at a guess, I’d say about 2000 double wall and 1200 single wall.
If our quantity is too high, please let me know. We are just grateful to get some help. Thanks again for your generosity and even though it’s only a very small token, I’ve included your logo on our sponsor sheet (see attached).

Thanks again John, you are a champ!


Lisa Currie
Bimbadeen Heights Primary School
Hayrick Lane
Mooroolbark Vic 3138


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